Hello friends {new and old}!

Welcome to my personal lifestyle blog, Little City Naomi. This little corner of the cyber world has become my safe haven for creativity. It’s always been very easy for me to find inspiration in all areas of life. Whether it’s spending countless hours repining on Pinterest or learning about a new recipe, I pretty much soak it all up! After realizing that my day job was holding me back creatively, I decided to open up my very own corner of the internet to share with YOU all the things I love!

I live in a small town or as I like to call it, my very own “little city” in Northern California. I am married to an incredibly hard working and sexy farmer whose heart resides on dirt roads in the wide open country. I on the other hand find myself on both ends of the spectrum. While a country girl at heart, I love a little time in the city. Little City Naomi is my very own made-up getaway where I enjoy the best of all worlds.

I hope LCN leaves you inspired and encouraged always. I’m glad you’re here.

xoxo, maddie

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